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"Brothers of Texas Trilogy"

My three-in-one ebook, "Brothers of Texas Trilogy", is $3.99 or $22.99 for the paperbook. The three books follow the brothers, Mac, Luke and Kyle, as they face unconscionable acts of evil in the midst of discovering love.

Book 1 - "Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb?"

Mac McKenzie wants nothing more than to find his father's killer, but a young woman intent on making a new life for herself in cattle country finds herself being targeted by desperately evil men. Mac's goal now is to stop whoever is after her before she winds up dead.

Book 2 - "Rosie Won't Stay Dead"

Luke vacations in the Colorado Rockies, and on his first hike, he meets a woman being hunted by a desperate man.

Book 3 - "Deception at Fairfield Ranch"

After being deceived by the person he loves most, Kyle takes his ill daughter to his east Texas ranch in the hopes that the man after them who is adept at disguising himself won't succeed in killing them.

A new series is coming!

As soon as I can tell you about the first book, I will. It's romantic suspense--about a feisty single woman in her thirties with a cranky sense of humor. She just wants to be left alone... but...

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Book 1 -- "Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb?"

When Marianne Glaze inherits her uncle’s remote ranch in the Texas panhandle, she also inherits a stalker. Neighboring rancher Mac McKenzie tells her of three unsolved murders in the area over a period of seventeen years, including her uncle’s. She desperately wants a new life away from her painful past, so she decides to stay in cattle country and find out who is trying to frighten her away. But ruthless people who don’t want their secrets exposed close in on her. Will Marianne and Mac be able to stop them—and stay alive in the process?

Book 2 -- "Rosie Won't Stay Dead"

Luke McKenzie needs a vacation from ranching and dealing with his father’s unsolved murder. He leaves Texas for the Colorado Rockies—to hike alone for a month. Sarah Morgan wants to learn to live without fear after a vicious assault changed everything for her. She leaves Kansas for the Rockies to hike alone—in the hopes of recapturing the person she used to be. But a very dangerous man has other plans for both of them.

Book 3 -- "Deception at Fairfield Ranch"

When his world suddenly falls apart, Kyle McKenzie discovers that almost everything he thought was real is not. He has been deceived by the most person he cares for most, and he realizes his family, including his gravely ill baby girl, is being targeted by a man seeking to destroy him. Kyle hires a pediatric nurse to come into his home to care for his daughter, but the master of disguises who tore his life apart is plotting to come back and finish what he started. Registered Nurse Natalie Palmer wants to help Kyle McKenzie and his baby, but the wicked man after his family is relentless. No one knows his identity or what he looks like, so he could be anyone. How can she and Kyle protect themselves and his daughter? They need to discover his true identity before he strikes--and kills--again.