Author of Romantic Suspense Novels



Book 1 -- "Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb?" 

5 STARS!   "This book  was so mesmerizing that I couldn't put it down.  The mystery of the  death of a teenage girl has never been solved.  After reading most of  the book,  I had assumed the killer could have any of the unique  characters in the book.  It is a nail biting ride of fear,  trust,  love  and unbelievable surprises.  It is a must-read, with so many complex  characters that you feel you know them in real life.  Lots of poignant  and scary encounters.  You want to find out "who done it"  as soon as  possible.  However,  the story is so much like life--unpredictable, and  funny, too."

Book 2 -- "Rosie Won't Stay Dead"

5 STARS!   "Delightful  characters you can't help but love! This book is full of suspense and  mystery with twists and turns along the way, but not gruesome and dark  like some mysteries can be. This is Tamara's second book in the series  and I loved it as much as the first one. I turned the pages and fell in  love with the small town life in the Mountains of Colorado. Can't wait  for the 3rd book. 

Keep 'em coming... "Time's a waisting!"

Book 3 --  "Deception at Fairfield Ranch"

5 STARS!   "You can't  help but love these characters. This book had me laughing, crying, and  turning pages. Each book in the series has you following a different  part of the same family. You'll love them! I want to visit Fairfield  Ranch! ... but I think I'll lock my door."

"Brothers of Texas Trilogy"

5 STARS!  "This trilogy has it all! I really enjoyed them, & found it hard to put them down."

5 STARS!  "The strong, tall cowboys in these books will sweep any reader off her feet. And the suspense kept me turning pages to the end. Great writing."